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Health Quotient laboratory at Kalakji, South Delhi has received NABL accreditation

Medical camp in Sarita Vihar, Delhi on 21-22 Sep 2013


Diagnostic Outsourcing

Running Diagnostic services with high quality, Service and cost effective manner is a significant challenge for even a big hospitals. Many a times running Diagnostics services in-house result in loosing focus on the specialties and core competencies of the hospital. Health Quotient offers diagnostic outsourcing services to Hospitals, Nursing Home, Poly Clinics and Clinical Research Out-sources (CRO) as well as other diagnostic centers. This includes:

⇒ Running full functioning laboratory at your Hospital/Nursing Home.
⇒ Sample collection services at your medical facility with processing and reporting at our central laboratory
⇒ Processing and reporting services after sample collection for Specialized tests, which Hospitals do not perform themselves.
⇒ Testing services for Clinical Trails and CRO projects

Health Quotient can also customized these services based on the specific requirements.

We are very proud of being Diagnostic partner for many branded hospitals. We work all 7 days in a week to support their diagnostic operations.